Past Ting Comic & Graphic Arts Festival Events

Past Artists

Every year we have a new roster of both emerging and established artists who display their work in our gallery at The ARTS Project. From artist talks to workshops, film screenings, book signings, and more, we enjoy creating a schedule of programs and events that highlight the unique group of talented artists we’re featuring for that specific year.

2017 Featured artists:

Andrew Lewis, Anthony Wallace, Cai Sepulis, Cailen Dye, Charles Vincent, Georgia Webber, Gillian Wilson, Jill Clair, Merle Tingley, Owen Marshall, Vincent Marcone.

2016 Featured artists:

Aidan Urquhart, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Christopher Runciman, Doug Rogers, James Kirkpatrick, Levins & Young, Lucky Unlucky, Maureen Riley, Megan Arnold, Merle Tingley, Sarah Scope.

2015 Featured artists:

Janice Chu, J. Bone, Joe Ollmann, Jamie Jardine, Alison and A. Jaye Williams, Scott Woods, David Collier, Sarah Legault, Merle Tingley, Paterson Hodgson, J.R. Faulkner.

2014 Featured artists:

Aaron Costain, Antony Hare, David Poolman, Diana Tamblyn, Gabrielle Nowicki, Jay Stephens, Jeff Lemire, Jesse Jacobs, Jessica Desparois, Marc Bell, Mark Laliberte, Merle Tingley, Scott Chantler, Seth.